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redturtle.deletepolicy - Linux Automation - 12.07.10 redturtle.deletepolicy

redturtle.deletepolicy is a Plone extension to change some parts of Plone and make it harder for users to delete contents.

marrow.server - Linux Automation - 11.23.10 marrow.server

marrow.server is an abstract asynchronous, multi-process socket server API.

BackTrack - Linux Automation - 11.23.10 BackTrack

BackTrack is a Linux-based penetration testing arsenal that aids security professionals in the ability to perform assessments in a purely native environment dedicated to hacking. Regardless if you’re making BackTrack…

MBSP for Python - Linux Automation - 09.28.10 MBSP for Python

MBSP for Python is a text analysis tool based on the TiMBL and MBT memory based learning applications developed at CLiPS and ILK. It provides tools for tokenization and sentence…

RhythmArty - Multimedia Players - 09.28.10 RhythmArty

RhythmArty is a Rhythmbox plugin that lets you browse your music collection via album art display. Only embedded cover art and in folder cover art are supported for now.

fabulous - System Tools - 08.17.10 fabulous

This script will makes your terminal output totally fabulous!

LOSITAN - Linux Automation - 04.08.10 LOSITAN

LOSITAN is a free and easy to use selection detection workbench based on the fdist Fst outlier methods. LOSITAN runs on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux and is able…

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