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Speech Searcher - Windows Automation - 04.13.11 Speech Searcher

Speech Searcher is a small, easy to use application specially designed to help you search for a topic using your voice. Speak your desired topic into the microphone and tell…

GhostMouse - Windows Automation - 03.21.11 GhostMouse

GhostMouse Win7 is a handy utility designed to enable you to record the actions you perform with your mouse and playback them at a later time. It saves the recordings…

Clikka Mouse - Windows Automation - 03.10.11 Clikka Mouse

This program allows physically disabled people to control the functions, both in Windows and in any other program which requires the use of a mouse device: left or right click,…

Power State Controller - Windows Automation - 03.08.11 Power State Controller

Power State Controler is a small, simple application specially designed to help you schedule computer shut, sleep or hibernate mode. You can also use this utility to disable sleep mode…

Auto Mouse Clicker - Windows Automation - 03.04.11 Auto Mouse Clicker

Auto Mouse Clicker is a lightweight tool that was designed to help you automate clicks into a certain area of the screen. First click the “Select Coordinates” button. Next, click…

Stigerns KeyPresser - Windows Automation - 02.17.11 Stigerns KeyPresser

Stigerns KeyPresser is a lightweight and easy to use application that allows you to automatically perform a key press at a specified time interval. It features a simple and comprehensive…

Azureus Stats - Windows Automation - 09.24.10 Azureus Stats

Azureus Stats was developed to be a simple gadget to show Azureus’s current total Download and Upload speed in the sidebar. It uses the HTML Web UI plugin to get…

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