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Unit Converter - Calculation Tools - 03.25.11 Unit Converter

Unit Converter is a simple, handy, very easy to use application specially designed to help you convert over 4500 units from 33 categories such as length, area, volume, mass, density,…

Advanced Roots Calculator - Calculation Tools - 02.08.11 Advanced Roots Calculator

Advanced Roots Calculator is a small, simple, command prompt based application specially designed to help you choose what kind of root of a number or data arithmetic you want to…

PolyRootsRB - Calculation Tools - 02.01.11 PolyRootsRB

PolyRootsRB is a lightweight application hat was designed in order to provide you with a simple tool for solving polynomial roots. The coefficients of the polynomial can be real or…

Achem - Calculation Tools - 10.07.10 Achem

Achem is a free and easy to use software to help you model complex chemical reaction systems. You can easily create and convert input / output files. Achem is written…

UK VAT Calculator - Calculation Tools - 09.09.10 UK VAT Calculator

Quickly calculate the UK VAT value for any amount using this small application.

C# Calculator - C Development - 06.22.10 C# Calculator

C# Calculator is as the name suggests a simple, easy to use calculator and math expression developed in C#.

SINEBAR - Calculation Tools - 06.07.10 SINEBAR

SINEBAR is a simple, easy to use tool designed to help you calculate stack height for a sinebar and examine error behavior thereof. A sinebar is a tool generally used…

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