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RubyCocoa - Framework Tools - 10.30.13 RubyCocoa

RubyCocoa lets you write a Cocoa application in Ruby. It allows you to create and use a Cocoa object in a Ruby script. It’s possible to write a Cocoa application…

Active4D - Framework Tools - 10.09.13 Active4D

Active4D is the ultimate 4D web development environment, offering you unparalleled power and simplicity while leveraging your existing 4D programming knowledge. Nothing else comes close.

MAMP - Framework Tools - 09.27.13 MAMP

The abbreviation “MAMP” stands for: Macintosh, Apache, Mysql and PHP. With just a few mouse-clicks, you can install Apache, PHP and MySQL for Mac OS X!

Malign - Framework Tools - 02.08.11 Malign

Malign is a small, command prompt based application designed to offer you some multiple alignment procedures that are close parallels to those used to search for minimum length cladograms. Alignment…

PEDRAW - System Tools - 12.17.10 PEDRAW

PEDRAW is a small, easy to use software designed to help you with pedigree-drawing. This app generates pedigree diagrams and is especially designed to be used to help with genetics…

OpenEaagles - .NET Development - 06.03.10 OpenEaagles

OpenEaagles is a handy multi-platform simulation framework designed to help simulation engineers and software developers rapidly prototype and build robust, scalable, virtual, constructive, stand-alone, and distributed simulation applications.

Bordecal Tools - Framework Tools - 05.28.10 Bordecal Tools

The Bordecal tools for FxCop package provides an extended framework for FxCop rule development. It allows rule developers to avoid using embedded XML resource files to configure their rules, as…

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