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DeCodEx - Software Patch Tool - 01.06.11 DeCodEx

The name DeCodEx stands for Designer Code Extractor. To convert a project, follow these steps: – ensure that the project you are going to convert compiles correctly in VS2005 –…

HTML Brander - System Tools - 11.02.10 HTML Brander

If you’ve ever wanted to build a profitable affiliate program, this may be the most important letter you read today! Here’s why: I’m about to reveal how you can start…

CodePatch - Software Patch Tool - 03.12.10 CodePatch

CodePatch is easy to use utility that uses minimalistic approach for updating and merging your source code files. CodePatch can also make patches by itself.

Patcher - Software Patch Tool - 09.21.09 Patcher

Using the Patcher application you can simply create a PATCH from a two files(OLD and NEW). A similarity of files is important. Only if files is similar, you may create…

Hexpatcher - Software Patch Tool - 08.24.09 Hexpatcher

Patch your files with this application. Hexpatcher is designed to be a hexadecimal patcher for files.

SecureIIS Web Server Protection - Software Patch Tool - 05.08.07 SecureIIS Web Server Protection

Protects Microsoft Web Servers against known and unknown attacks. Works within IIS to filter inappropriate requests which could target vulnerabilities. Protects even unpatched MS web servers.

eMule Acceleration Patch - Software Patch Tool - 04.23.07 eMule Acceleration Patch

eMule Acceleration Patch is a new add-on for eMule

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