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Xmplify - XML Development - 04.10.13 Xmplify

MOSO Xmplify XML Editor for Mac OS X is a powerful new XML editor built specifically for Mac OS X. Xmplify provides a fully XML-aware editing environment with DTD and…

Redstone XML-RPC - XML Development - 01.24.11 Redstone XML-RPC

Redstone XML-RPC is a free, small, simple, open source, versatile implementation of the XML-RPC specification. Redstone XML-RPC is written in the Java programming language. Here are some key features of…

Advanced RSS Publisher - Internet Tools - 10.13.10 Advanced RSS Publisher

Advanced RSS Publisher helps you to: download newsfeeds in RSS and XML format, reformat them according to user-defined HTML templates, upload results to website via shared folder or ftp, work…

DataSetEditor - XML Development - 07.06.10 DataSetEditor

DataSetEditor is an easy to use graphical editor specially designed for XML based dataset files used by phpUnit or dbUnit.

XML Editor tool - XML Development - 07.01.10 XML Editor tool

XML Editor tool is a handy, easy to use XML editor designed with a in-built browser, tree viewer and analyser built on Visual Studio 2010.

XML Flattener - XML Development - 06.03.10 XML Flattener

The XML Flattener application was developed to be a simple tool to flatten “pretty”-printed XML files into a single line for use in web service test situations, etc. Flattening currently…

OpenEaagles - .NET Development - 06.03.10 OpenEaagles

OpenEaagles is a handy multi-platform simulation framework designed to help simulation engineers and software developers rapidly prototype and build robust, scalable, virtual, constructive, stand-alone, and distributed simulation applications.

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