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GIMP Extensions - Graphics - 03.04.15 GIMP Extensions

Utilize GIMP to its full capabilities, by adding these extensions, plugins, and scripts. It comes with 32 and 64-bit support. There are different sorts of tools available in the pack…

StereoPhoto Maker - Image Processing - 01.15.14 StereoPhoto Maker

StereoPhoto Maker(SPM) functions as a versatile stereo image editor \ viewer and can automatically batch-align hundreds of images and mount them to the ‘window’. It also allows users with no…

PanoramaStudio 2.5.0 - Image Processing - 12.04.13 PanoramaStudio 2.5.0

Creation of seamless 360 degree and wide angle panoramic images. This program combines simple creation of perfect panoramic images within a few steps with ambitious post processing features for advanced…

HTML-Optimizer - HTML Tools - 03.20.13 HTML-Optimizer

Optimizing your code is performed in a safe way, so that your content will be displayed correctly, without any sign of corruption as often seen with other optimizers. Your pages…

Jet Screenshot - Screen Capture Tools - 01.23.13 Jet Screenshot

How often you see something that is worth sharing? It can be related to work as well as entertainment, between friends and colleagues. When you feel like showing things you…

Aurora 3D Maker - 3D Graphics - 10.17.12 Aurora 3D Maker

Whether professional or non-technical individuals, Aurora3DMaker let’s craft stunning 3D text, logo and animation quickly and easily, With Aurora3DMaker, you can hit the ground running with hundreds of templates that…

Greenshot - Screen Capture Tools - 09.04.12 Greenshot

This program provides users additional options to the function of screenshots. You can save only part of a screen, providing extra functionality. You can also apply text and simple images…

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