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Aurora 3D Maker - 3D Graphics - 10.17.12 Aurora 3D Maker

Whether professional or non-technical individuals, Aurora3DMaker let’s craft stunning 3D text, logo and animation quickly and easily, With Aurora3DMaker, you can hit the ground running with hundreds of templates that…

The Moon - 3D Graphics - 05.20.11 The Moon

The Moon is Java SDK powered application that allows you to explore the Moon built with NASA’s satellite imagery. You can rotate and fly to the surface to explore craters…

Chart3D - 3D Graphics - 04.04.11 Chart3D

Chart3D will enable you to display data in the colored 3D chart. The program uses the 3D OpenGL graphics library to display data in the 3D chart. With the help…

Helicon 3D Viewer - 3D Graphics - 03.31.11 Helicon 3D Viewer

Helicon 3D Viewer is handy and reliable utility designed to enable you to view and manage 3D models. Use Helicon 3D Viewer to share your 3D results with your coleagues…

Compiz - 3D Graphics - 03.30.11 Compiz

Compiz is a compositing window manager that uses 3D graphics acceleration via OpenGL. The project provides various new graphical effects and features on any desktop environment, including Gnome and KDE.

Koebe Polyhedron Editor - 3D Graphics - 02.15.11 Koebe Polyhedron Editor

For each combinatorial type of convex 3-dimensional polyhedra, there exists a unique representative with the following properties: All edges are tangent to the unit sphere. The barycenter of the points…

Fluid - 3D Graphics - 01.14.11 Fluid

Fluid is a handy application specially designed to help you solve incompressible, viscous, free surface fluid flow. It uses The Mac Method to solve Navier-Stokes equations on Euler 2D grid….

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