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Jet Screenshot - Screen Capture Tools - 01.23.13 Jet Screenshot

How often you see something that is worth sharing? It can be related to work as well as entertainment, between friends and colleagues. When you feel like showing things you…

Greenshot - Screen Capture Tools - 09.04.12 Greenshot

This program provides users additional options to the function of screenshots. You can save only part of a screen, providing extra functionality. You can also apply text and simple images…

PicPick - Graphics - 08.24.11 PicPick

PicPick is user friendly and full of features for creating your image, suitable for software developers, graphic designers and home user. It is an all-in-one program that provides full-featured screen…

Horizon33 - Image Management - 05.31.11 Horizon33

Horizon33 is an easy to use and user friendly way to screen capture. It allows you to take screenshots from any part of your screen in more than 5 ways,…

Surebo Picapture - Screen Capture Tools - 04.06.11 Surebo Picapture

With using Surebo Picapture, you can easily shoot a picture of your screen, you can hide the window, go to wherever you want, and double click the Picapture icon left…

puush - Screen Capture Tools - 03.29.11 puush

Use keyboard shortcuts or drag-drop gestures to quickly capture any portion of your screen or upload any file. These files are near-instantly puush’d, leaving behind a short URL in your…

Fastscreen - Screen Capture Tools - 03.22.11 Fastscreen

Fastscreen is an intuitive application that can be used to easily take snapshots of your desktop and save them in the format you choose (BMP, JPG or PNG). Moreover, Fastscreen…

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