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FilterZen - Form Tools - 09.01.10 FilterZen

Rediscover the Power of SharePoint Filtering. FilterZen is the best Filter Web Part for SharePoint yet. Dynamically filter Lists, Document Libraries, Data Views and other Web Parts on the fly,…

GeoFormAlchemy - Form Tools - 06.03.10 GeoFormAlchemy

GeoFormAlchemy is a FormAlchemy extension that makes it possible to generate forms for model classes that use the geometry types of GeoAlchemy.

Form Template Editor - Form Tools - 06.16.09 Form Template Editor

Form Template Editor is a xsn form designer designed to be used to modify the html layout of the xsn form.

PebbleBar 1.0 - Form Tools - 08.26.08 PebbleBar 1.0

Pebble bar can autofill webforms using data from your pebblepad profile.

Form Pilot for Mac - Form Tools - 09.04.07 Form Pilot for Mac

Form filling software, supports scanners and provides enhanced word-completion. Form Pilot for Mac is a form filler software. You will be able to fill in form on your computer instead…

HTML Form Filler - Form Tools - 04.30.07 HTML Form Filler

HTML Form Filler is a useful form fill software.It will help you fill any HTML form easily and quickly.

iNetFormFiller Free - Form Tools - 03.07.07 iNetFormFiller Free

iNetFormFiller is a program for the automated filling out of infotmation fields. It’s quite useful to active internet users, for e-mail login automating, for automatic filling in of the needed…

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