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FrostWire Turbo Accelerator - Peer2Peer Tools - 01.24.11 FrostWire Turbo Accelerator

FrostWire Accelerator is a light but resourceful plugin which adds a plus of performance to your FrostWire P2P client, especially in the area you are most likely to be interested…

Tribler - Peer2Peer Tools - 12.10.10 Tribler

Tribler is an application that enables its users to find, enjoy and share content. With content we mean video, audio, pictures, and much more. Tribler has three goals in helping…

zButterfly - Peer2Peer Tools - 11.24.10 zButterfly

zButterfly is a full-featured BitTorrent client that makes it easier than ever for users to find, download, play and share movie torrents. Unlike other BitTorrent client search engines, zButterfly offers…

BearShare - Audio Tools - 07.12.10 BearShare

BearShare is the best music download software. Listen to free music, download and share with your friends online! Over 15 millions free music and videos! Bearshare 9.0 has many great…

Anomos - Peer2Peer Tools - 03.05.10 Anomos

Anomos is an easy to use, encrypted multi P2P file distribution protocol based on the peer / tracker concept of BitTorrent in combination with an onion routing anonymization layer, with…

Dtella - Peer2Peer Tools - 12.18.09 Dtella

Dtella is a handy utility designed to emulate a DC hub and thus allow users to share their files.

SMG LAN Messenger - Peer2Peer Tools - 09.18.09 SMG LAN Messenger

SMG LAN Messenger is an open source,cross platform, small, lightweight, instant messenger developed for in company use with encryption support. It is specifically designed for low network traffic. Since SMG…

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