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Proxy Switcher - Proxy Tools - 06.22.10 Proxy Switcher

Premium Proxy Switcher was created to make proxy usage process more user friendly. We collected all our past experience (over 6 years) and created easy to use software which contains…

GoogleSharing - Proxy Tools - 04.06.10 GoogleSharing

GoogleSharing is a system that mixes the requests of different users in such a way that Google will not be able to track you. The proxy works by generating a…

SwitchNetConfig - Proxy Tools - 03.23.10 SwitchNetConfig

The SwitchNetConfig application was developed to be a small, easy to use tool for laptop users which stores network and proxy configuration as profiles and apply a profile very quickly…

Grid Proxy Manager - Proxy Tools - 09.08.09 Grid Proxy Manager

A Firefox addon that can create and upload proxy certificates to a MyProxy server. Grid Proxy Manager is a Firefox extension that can create and upload proxy certificates to a…

Advanced TOR - Proxy Tools - 04.23.09 Advanced TOR

Advanced TOR is designed to be a client for OR network and intended to be an improved alternative for Tor+Vidalia+Privoxy bundle for Windows users. It is able to “force” a…

Connection Resume - Proxy Tools - 07.15.08 Connection Resume

Connection Resume is easy to deploy transparent proxy server as it is only required to configure the proxy server in the accompanied client software. Also the client software can resume…

Jipox - Proxy Tools - 02.18.08 Jipox

Jipox is a proxy leecher that can extract proxies from various proxy sites or optionally extract proxies from a text-file. After the extraction it can then test them and classify…

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