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TransTools - Translators - 03.22.11 TransTools

TransTools consists of a collection of Office tools to help translators in various situations. It assists translators during pre-translation stage (to format a document before processing with CAT tools, etc),…

DTranslate - Translators - 12.15.09 DTranslate

A Google Chrome extension to access Google Translate. Access Google Translate from Chrome with a push of a button.

Regelen - Translators - 10.27.09 Regelen

Regelen is a software for sorting, arranging, and organizing of groups and arrangements. The name “Regelen” comes from the Dutch translation of “Arrange”.

ThetaCircle - Translators - 10.22.09 ThetaCircle

ThetaCircle is an easy to use typing and scripting tool. Use it to type, copy and then pipe or paste your script to your favorite word processor. The major use…

GTranslater - Translators - 04.08.09 GTranslater

GTranslater is a handy dictionary that uses Google translate API.

Language4Me - Translators - 03.25.09 Language4Me

Language4Me was designed to help you quickly and accurately translate words and word combinations between English, German or Russian. Select a word, press Ctrl+C+C – and you will get the…

Chinese English Dictionary - Translators - 01.20.09 Chinese English Dictionary

Chinese English Dictionary is a useful widget that provides instant translations for any English word.

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