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Elastix - VoIP Tools - 07.02.14 Elastix

Elastix is an appliance software that integrates the best tools available for Asterisk-based PBXs into a easy-to-use interface. It also adds its own set of utilities to make it the…

Flaphone - System Tools - 07.23.10 Flaphone

Flaphone is a handy, easy to use web-based softphone specially designed to enable you to make calls. Flaphone users can call each other, to SIP phones and to any phone…

SkypeMo - System Tools - 06.25.10 SkypeMo

SkypeMo is a small application that allows you to view Skype Contacts and Chat History till now, without actually logging into Skype.

Phone Setup Creator - VoIP Tools - 05.25.10 Phone Setup Creator

Phone Setup Creator is a small and easy to use application that will help you to quickly create Cab files.

VentFinder - VoIP Tools - 03.04.10 VentFinder

VentFinder is a small and easy to use application that allows you to find public Ventrilo servers.

Voice Finger - VoIP Tools - 02.19.10 Voice Finger

Instead of using the Windows default speech recognition way of clicking at a point on the screen, which requires a lot of sucessive commands, Voice Finger uses a 44 x…

Vbuzzer - VoIP Tools - 09.29.08 Vbuzzer

Vbuzzer is the internet telephony & instant messaging software that let you call the world for free, or at very low cost. Vbuzzer is a software that allows you to…

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