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AirParrot - Video Tools - 07.27.12 AirParrot

Your Screen. On your Apple TV. AirPlay mirror your Mac or PC’s screen to your Apple TV, wirelessly.

Portable Coollector Movie Database - Multimedia - 05.25.11 Portable Coollector Movie Database

If you like movies, you’ll love Coollector Movie Database. And if you own some DVD, you’ll love it even more. Browse its huge database of movies and series, with its…

JellyCam 2.0.3 - Video Tools - 04.07.11 JellyCam 2.0.3

JellyCam is a unique, small, simple, easy to use, free stop motion animation maker. Use a webcam or series of photos to create a stop motion animation. Save your movie…

JellyCam - Video Tools - 04.07.11 JellyCam

JellyCam is a small and straight forward application that allows you to make stop-motion films with a web-cam or a bunch of photos. You can quickly create stop-motion videos using…

PokIt - Audio Tools - 03.25.11 PokIt

PokIt is a one-click screen, file, video, sound capture/web broadcasting utility. This utility as designed to be very modular while also allowing users to create their own plugins. The application…

MediaInfo Lite - Audio Tools - 03.09.11 MediaInfo Lite

MediaInfo Lite is a handy and reliable application designed to give you information about the audio and video format, video resolution and duration of a media file. It optionally includes…

Blu-ray Tracker - Video Tools - 02.28.11 Blu-ray Tracker

It’s 9 O’clock Friday night, do you know where your blu-rays are? Blu-rayTracker is a handy utility designed for Blu-Ray fans that allows you to organize your Blu-Ray collection on…

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