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Webdeling - EXE tools - 03.05.10 Webdeling

Webdeling is a very small executable that provides a drop box to which files can be dropped. These files will then be accessible via any web browser via the embedded…

VistaUACMakerConsole - EXE tools - 02.15.10 VistaUACMakerConsole

Vista has introduced new feature called UAC (User Account Control). In short it basically controls the way in which applications are executed by different users. Due to enforcement of this…

Simple Translator - EXE tools - 02.03.10 Simple Translator

The Simple Translator application was designed to be a simple tool that uses BabelFish through web services to translate from English to French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portugese. A single…

JAR2EXE - EXE tools - 01.13.10 JAR2EXE

The JAR2EXE Converter application was designed to be a small program that can help you easily convert a JAR file (MIDP application, such as Nokia Mobile Games) to an EXE…

My Personal Index - EXE tools - 01.07.10 My Personal Index

Allows users to create personal indexes which can be used to track performance, perform analysis, and compare different investing strategies.

HexEditor - EXE tools - 11.30.09 HexEditor

The HexEditor application was designed to be a small tool developed in JDK 1.6 using NetBeans IDE 6.1 for hexadecimal Viewing of the any file and related operations. This tool…

DefoxIII - EXE tools - 10.29.09 DefoxIII

DefoxIII is a small application designed to protect your programs against decompilation. Supports VFP6 – VFP9. It is possible to protect exe, app, dll and fxp files.

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