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Copernic Desktop Search - Network Scanners - 02.22.08 Copernic Desktop Search

Copernic Desktop Search gives you the possibility to instantly find files, images, multimedia, emails and more, that is located on your PC (not the Internet). Copernic Desktop Search creates an…

NetPalpus - Network Scanners - 07.18.07 NetPalpus

NetPalpus can quickly discover all the devices in your network, collect their information, organize them according to subnet, service, or your will.

NetworkSearcher - Network Scanners - 04.24.07 NetworkSearcher

NetworkSearcher is a powerful utility for fast file searching across your LAN.

Etherscan Analyzer - Network Scanners - 04.20.07 Etherscan Analyzer

Etherscan Analyzer is an advanced network sniffer and protocol analyzer for Windows. With Etherscan, you can capture and analyze all packets over the local network.

Nmap - Network Scanners - 04.18.07 Nmap

Nmap (Network Mapper) is a free open source utility for network exploration or security auditing. It was designed to rapidly scan large networks, although it works fine against single hosts.

Capturix NetWorks - Network Scanners - 04.17.07 Capturix NetWorks

NETWorks is a network utility software that allows you to test and diagnose all common problems from any network.

EtherDetect - Network Monitoring - 04.17.07 EtherDetect

EtherDetect is an easy for use and award-winning packet sniffer and network protocol analyzer, which provides a connection-oriented view for analyzing packets more effectively. With the handy tool, view connections,…

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