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Onis - Web Servers - 03.28.11 Onis

Onis is a small, easy to use application, specially designed to offer you a DICOM viewer / server, compatible with all modalities and all manufacturers. It is the first medical…

Smart Cafe Suite - System Tools - 07.02.10 Smart Cafe Suite

Smart Cafe Suite is handy, easy to use application designed to seek to automate the timing of clients in an internet cafe. This software package consists of a server and…

WebServerFramework - System Tools - 06.29.10 WebServerFramework

WebServerFramework is a simple and open source HTTP server framework written in Objective-C which you can embed in your Foundation and Cocoa applications. WebServerFramework provides support for GET, HEAD, PUT,…

Weezo - Web Servers - 05.28.10 Weezo

Weezo turns your computer into a powerful and secure web server, thus enabling you both to access your PC for personal use (remote desktop, file exchanges, webcam monitoring…), and share…

4th Dimension 2003 - Web Servers - 05.08.03 4th Dimension 2003

With support for Web services that enhance application integration capabilities, 4th Dimension 2003 brings application development to a new level. This groundbreaking new tool also includes an integrated compiler, increased…

PowerTCP WebServer Tool - Web Servers - 03.30.03 PowerTCP WebServer Tool

Use the ActiveX controls included with the PowerTCP WebServer Tool to create a stand-alone web server application.

PowerTCP SNMP Tool Suite - Web Servers - 03.30.03 PowerTCP SNMP Tool Suite

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