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WinDirStat - Memory Tools - 12.03.14 WinDirStat

Monitor your disk usage statistics with this handy viewer. It shows disk, file, and directory sizes in an easy to read image interface. It provides multiple options for your statistics…

vSEC:CMS U - Memory Tools - 03.16.11 vSEC:CMS U

vSEC:CMS is a tool that enables anyone to work with minidriver enabled smart cards. Actions that can be performed using this tool include: 1. Change Smart Card User Passcode 2….

RunWithAffinity - Memory Tools - 03.07.11 RunWithAffinity

RunWithAffinity is a small, simple application specially designed to enable you to run a program on a selected core instead of all cores, this is called Affinity. Start RunWithAffinity without…

WinMemScan - Memory Tools - 03.01.11 WinMemScan

WinMemScan is a small, simple application specially designed to offer users a live memory analysis tool. This software was developed to use undocumented super fetch ntquery system information native API.

ClipSize - Memory Tools - 02.02.11 ClipSize

Shows you how much memory the clipboard is using. This can be very useful when you are using a computer with limited memory or with memory-intensive applications such as image…

Auslogics Registry Cleaner - Memory Tools - 12.28.10 Auslogics Registry Cleaner

The Windows Registry is the most accessed and the most vulnerable to errors part of your computer. As you install and uninstall software it becomes cluttered with obsolete and corrupted…

Memory Washer - Memory Tools - 12.28.10 Memory Washer

Is your computer dragging along? Running sluggishly? Do web pages take forever to load or look funny when they do, if they load at all? Do you spend half your…

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