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Touchpad Blocker - Tray Tools - 09.10.10 Touchpad Blocker

How often your cursor jumps to another paragraph when you are typing a text on notebook and accentually touch a touchpad by hand? Hate this behavior? Me too! So, I’ve…

CDOpCl - Tray Tools - 06.18.10 CDOpCl

CDopCl is a simple application that will let you programmatically open or close the CD/DVD door.

DockExtender 3.1.2 - Tray Tools - 11.10.03 DockExtender 3.1.2

DockExtender menus allow you to perform a number of different actions, all from the same menu. Group your applications and documents together by task, or by their function. Put your…

OverScope TrayLink - Tray Tools - 11.06.03 OverScope TrayLink

OverScope TrayLink is an easy-to-use powerful file launcher with menu interface, it provides an alternative to the Windows start menu.

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